Faux Depression Glass

18 Mar


Faux Depression Glass!

These were so easy to make!

Giving Credit where credit is due. I was on http://www.pinterest.com and saw these. I got my base directions from http://www.momtastic.com. I had to modify them just slightly but the instructions were very very helpful and its a great website!

All you need is:

2 Tbs. Modge Podge – Glossy, 2 Tbs. Water, 2 Tbs food coloring, a glass cup to mix the coloring in, a Mason Jar, a cookie sheet, a cookie cooling rack,newspaper and wax paper.

I had most of these ingredients at home. None is too expensive to purchase.Clean your Mason Jars before working with them.

First: Take your glass and put 2 Tbs Modge Podge inside it, then 2 Tbs food coloring, then 2 Tbs Water, and stir thoroughly.

Second: Pour the glass of coloring mixture inside a jar. Taking your time with this step slowly turn and twist your jar so that the coloring covers the entire jar. I poured the extra into a second jar. Repeat the process and let the excess drain from the Mason Jar into the glass and let stay in that position for 5 minutes.

Third: While waiting your 5 minutes take the newspaper and lay it on the counter.

Fourth: After your 5 minutes are complete, move the jar from the glass to the paper still in the upside down position. Let stand on the paper upside down for 30 minutes. Using a damp not sopping wet paper towel wipe the outside edges of the jar.

Fifth: While waiting for the jars to dry on the newspaper for 30 minutes, line your cookie sheet with the wax paper. This will protect your cookie sheet from the coloring. The picture below is shown without the cooling rack. Set the cooling rack on top of the wax paper & heat the oven to the lowest setting possible. Set rack in oven for this process.

Sixth: After the 30 minutes place jar(s) on top of the cooling rack for one hour.


Seventh: After the hour of drying in the warm oven take all jars out carefully and let cool in the air.

Eighth: Once cool squirt a little dish soap on the insides and rinse with water only (do not use a cloth) until all suds are gone and water runs clear. You can use a cloth on the outside. Put jar(s) in the oven to dry again for 20 min, pull out and let cool.

Ninth: Fill with flowers and enjoy!

I will post more pictures of the process and of the flowers in the vase as soon as I can. Please comment and let me know what you think!

* You can not scrub these with a rag, I did this and the color comes right off. (oops)*


***These do not hold water without clouding or taking away the color.**

I will post a picture soon of a decorative way to use these as a Teacher’s Gift or a Mothers Day Gift using this technique.


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