Book Wreath!

1 Apr

This project was super easy to do! I got the idea from via She gave very easy instructions and includes a video. I have modified them to work for my project!

Supplies: Foam Wreath, glue gun, paint, book

Get a book! I used a romance novel of my mothers.

Paint the edges! (I used blue)

Tear out the pages and fold them into loose folds. Apply hot glue on the end without the paint, fold the bottom to make a flap, glue and stick on what you think will be the back of the wreath. Repeat this all around the wreath. Take a ribbon, cut and glue to a spot. You will want this to be your hanger, then turn over to flatten out.


Repeat folding and gluing process for the “inside” of the wreath.

Repeat folding and gluing process for the middle of the inside and outside pages.

Repeat folding this time gluing both sides of page and sticking in the fill in the wreath. The glue will do the work.

The finished product is great for your own home or gifts for others. This one is for my mom.


What I like about this wreath is it is a perfect gift or for use in your own home. It’s a neutral color so it will go in any room of your home! Enjoy!


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