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Dollar Store Gift Baskets

5 Jul

I got the idea from, I love that site. I went to my local Dollar Tree Store and roamed the isles and these are the three baskets themes I was able to come up with.

Betty Crocker Kitchen ~ Total cost $9

Included: Measuring cups, can strainer, grater w/container, kitchen scissors, salad tongs, double spatula, pizza cutter, 1 large white strainer, all $1 each. The gift bag and stuffing was a total cost of $1.


The Book Reader ~ Total Cost $9

Included: Book, word finds, crossword puzzles, Worthington Caramel Candies, book Light, 2 scented candles, and a lined basket, all $1. The gift bag and filling was a total cost of $1.


Pedicure Pampering Set ~ Total Cost $12

Included: foot file, pedicure set, foot file scraper,  foot file with clippers, 2 colors of polish, quick dry nails, nail strengthener, Udderly Smooth Cream, Crystal Light candies, and a lined basket all $1. The gift bag and filling was a total cost of $1.


*Pictures to be posted soon!*